Pattern Ceased Operations in 2022


Quality and Flexibility Delivered Affordably.

We make retail staffing easy by sourcing a dynamic workforce that adapts to the needs of each store, puts the customer first, and is managed with just a few clicks.

Why Pattern

A better experience for the Retail Industry.

  • Matchless Flexibility Within Your Budget

    We’ve designed technology that reacts to your changing needs in seconds, whether you need to scale up or down, we make it happen quickly so you spend only what you need to.

  • Maximize Your Workforce-- Quickly, Everywhere

    Our technology pre-screens thousands of ready-to-go professionals across North America so you can staff as many locations as you need to in minutes.

  • High Quality Labour That’s Consistent

    Our proprietary technology ensures you are never short staffed and we focus on training so your customers are delighted with every interaction.

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