Pattern Ceased Operations in 2022

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We seek the most qualified retail professionals in the industry. We have open roles for workers like you across North America.

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Better opportunities and pay

  • Flexible Schedule

    Work as much or as little as you want - whether that’s seasonal, temporary, or regular full-time we’ll find your best fit.

  • Earn More

    We seek out the best paying jobs and reward you with performance bonuses so you can maximize your earnings.

  • Get Paid Quickly

    We pay as soon as your shift hours are logged. Your earnings will be paid within hours, not weeks.

United States

New York City, Chicago, Houston, St. Louis, San Diego, Fort Worth, Cincinnati, Phoenix, Louisville, Indianapolis, Columbus, Allentown, and more


Toronto, Mississauga, Milton, Vaughan, Brampton, Newmarket, Scarborough, Hamilton, Ottawa, Kanata, Montreal, Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey and more

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